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TRC sponsored Seminar on Waste Management in Oman (Circular Economy and Opportunities)

Dr.G.Sugumaran     31-10-2019 09:27:51

Engineering Department organized the seminar entitled “Waste Management in Oman (Circular Economy and Opportunities) on 23.10.2019 Wednesday at Jibreen Hall at 12 noon. The seminar is conducted in line with TRC sponsored FURAP funded project on “An effective solid waste management technique in Nizwa City”. The Seminar was delivered by Mr.Said Zarhan Al Kamyani, SOCE Intervention Officer from Be’ah Acadamy. Head of the Department Dr. Majdi Mohammed initiated all the requirements for conduct of the event. Dr.Ben Sujin, Head of Electrical and Electronics session delivered the welcome address and honored the chief guest by presenting a memento. The presentation started with current needs of Be’ah in terms of damage control, restructure of waste management services, development in waste services and support to Oman economy. Further he compared the traditional dumpsites with the recent Engineered landfills and also differentiated linear and circular economy. The key approach of waste management such as Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Recover and Disposal was detailed with its hierarchy. Additionally, the challenges and opportunities in waste management techniques was also emphasised. Around 65 staff members attended the seminar. The faculty mentor of the FURAP project Dr.G.Sugumaran thanked the college management and the chairman of NCT Research and Consultancy Committee Dr.Khalifa Zayid Al Shaqsi for providing the continuous support in organizing the event.