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First ETC Meeting of Academic Year 2020-2021

Mr. Rommel Halcon     15-02-2021 09:31:18

ETC held its first center meeting in Jibreen Hall last December 14, 2020 under the newly appointed Head
of Center, Mr. Eshaq Aziz Al Mandhari. Almost everyone from ETC attended this unique event as the
center embarks on a new course of governance. As the newly named HoC, he also introduced fellow
newly designated leaders namely Mr. Ayman Al Sabahi and Mr. Mohammed Al Shueili as the Head of
Computer Services and Library Service Section respectively.
As the head presenter, he delivered commendation to staffs who supported the exam invigilation,
reported midterm exam feedback and talk about the preparation as well as the assessment of services
that will be used in the final exam. During the course of the meeting, he discussed each staff to be
involved in several initiatives of the center such as training and workshops, research papers, and
industrial linkages.
Lastly, he gave appreciation and encouragement to all ETC encompassing their aid and assistance in
making the center perform merit and exhibit improvement to the mission of the university.