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Understanding Failure Analysis, Investigation Techniques

Mr. Mohammad Ismail Iqbal     24-10-2021 15:01:36

The Engineering department conducted a webinar on “Understanding Failure Analysis, Investigation Techniques” on 13th October 2021 through MS Teams platform for faculties and students of Mechanical & Industrial, Electrical & Electronics Section. The resource person for the webinar was Dr. Mohammed Temnah, CEO, Apex Pvt. Ltd. The welcome note was given by Dr. Ben Sujin, Head of Section, Electrical and Electronics Section and guest introduction by Dr. K.J. Sabareesaan, Head of Section, Mechanical and Industrial Section. The session was moderated by Mr. Mohammad Ismail Iqbal, Lecturer M&I Section / ILC coordinator.
The resource person gave an insight about the Proactive and Reactive Strategy, Understanding the concepts of failure, General problems in industries, structure of problems in industries with various parameters, various operating parameters- variation zones with specific industry examples.
Further the session highlighted about 7 functional categories (Essential, Controlling, Auxiliary, Interfacing, Protective, Interfacing, Measuring, Informative) related to failures, Failure acceleration model, relationship between time and failure, Impact levels of failure, failure mode segmentation in industrial facility with some real time examples.
The webinar was an eye opener to understand following:
● Consolidate and update understanding of the Terminology used in Measuring and Analysis of accidents.
● Use case studies based on both technical and non- technical Situations and gain a lot of learned lessons
● Maximize component life by avoiding cause of failure and being familiar with condition based maintenance.
● Apply RCA to work activity whether technical or non-technical Implement real improvements in machinery

The webinar received a very good response among Engineering Faculties and students, approximately 90 members. The vote of thanks was extended by Mr. Vidhya Praksah, Lecturer, E&E Section.