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Engineering Department conducted a Webinar on CBM Drilling and MWD Operation

Ms. Aaisha AlAisaee & Ms. Marwa AlNuumani     25-11-2021 15:31:16

On 21st November 2021, a webinar titled (CBM Drilling and MWD Operations) was organized and conducted by the M&I section of Engineering Department through MS Teams platform for faculties and students of Oil and Gas specialization.
The webinar was presented by Mr. Prins Korah, MWD Engineer, R & B Exploration and Production Pvt. Ltd, Jharkhand. The event was moderated by Ms. Aaisha AlAisaee and Ms. Marwa AlNuumani, Oil and Gas Lecturers. The introduction was done by Ms. Marwa and a welcome remark was given by Mr. Mohammad Ismail Iqbal, Lecturer M&I Section. The general theme of the webinar was about one of the clean energy sources, Coalbed Methane, its formation, characteristics, applications and the main reserves around the world. The presenter introduced the operation and structure of R & B Exploration and Production Pvt. Ltd. Specifically, the two main points discussed were:
Drilling operation:
• Potential hazards and safety measures in work place.
• Work place construction and associated systems (circulating system, rotating system, blowout prevention system (BOP), hoisting system and power system).
• Drilling fluid (mud) used and its functions along with mud logging and related challenges.
• Tubular and Tubular handling equipment.
Coring operation.
1- Other major operations in oil and gas field: Casing, cementing, wireline logging and stimulation (hydraulic fracturing) operations.
2- 2- Applications of directional drilling and related tools.

The closing part and questions management was done by Ms. Aaisha.
The webinar was closed with a vote of thanks to the presenter and audience. A total of 44 participants attended the webinar.