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World Skills Competition 2016 Ministry of Manpower – Filtration Round

Mr. Muhammad Yasir     16-11-2015 11:25:04

World Skills Competition showcases the value of skills and raises the recognition of skilled professionals worldwide. Skills are the foundation of modern life. Everything, from the houses we live in to the societies we create, is the result of skills. They are the driving force behind successful careers and companies, thriving industries and economies. Skills keep the world working. It has competitions in several sectors related to different trades. The Information and Communication Technology sector covers all the skilled areas that are related to information services. This encompasses everything from network creation and maintenance to development and finishing information technologies.
• Information Network Cabling
• IT Network Systems Administration
• IT Software Solutions for Business
• Print Media Technology
• Web Design
Ministry of Manpower conducted a Filtration round for the World Skills Competition of the aspirant students of CoTs on September 29, 2015 at Higher College of Technology, Muscat. The event was scheduled to start at 10 AM. The eight aspirant students including Ms. Marwa Salim AlIsmaili, Ms. Maha Masoud Al Muzahimi, Ms. Maryam Ibrahim Al Sulaimani, Ms. Sara Ali Al Busaidi, Ms. Aysha Khamis Al Hadidi, Ms. Muzna Said Al Tobi, Ms. Ghadeer Saleh Al Jabri and Mr. Saud Khalaf Al Sobhi along with the IT Lecturer Mr. Muhammad Yasir Khan participated in the event. The students of HCT, Ibri CT and Ibra CT also participated in the event.
The participants are given MCQs based exam papers for networking, web development and software categories which they have to finish in 60 minutes. The multimedia category participants are given two tasks to design in 90 minutes. The participants are allowed to appear in filtration rounds of any two categories. The participation from NCT Students is as follows:
Category No. of Participants
Networking 5
Web 6
Software 2
Multimedia 1

Organizers inform that they will inform the participants about the results in next week. The selected students will be transferred to HCT for a comprehensive training for the GCC Skills Competition to be held in Saudi Arabia in April next year. We appreciate the efforts of all the students and convey best wishes for them.
We are thankful to the HoS, HoD and college administration to provide this great opportunity.