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Mr. Ranjith Kumar     16-11-2015 11:31:43

The NCT MATH CLUB was fortunate to invite Dr. S.D.Sharma, a well-known professor and the first Indian author of a book on Operations Research, to deliver a guest lecture on MAKE BSET DECISIONS USING OPERATIONS RESEARCH on 1st November 2015 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in LR 02. The session was meant exclusively for all the Math faculty and interested staff from other departments. The objective of the session was to provide motivation towards research and explore the future scope of research in Operations Research.

The session started at 11:00 am in LR 02 with welcome address, given by Mr. Ranjith Kumar, coordinator of Math Club. In his speech, Mr. Ranjith highlighted the journey of Dr. S.D.Sharma as a lecturer, scholar, author, guide who has supervised several research scholars towards the achievement of their Ph.D. degree. Also Mr. Ranjith, in his welcome speech, listed out some of the awards, honors and achievements of the speaker. Dr. S.D.Sharma’s journey and achievements, itself seeks the attraction and interest on the special talk. Dr.S.D.Sharma started his talk with motivation towards research and explained the step by step process of doing research. Also he shared his life experience with the audience as a guide. The audience really utilized the opportunity by clearing their doubts related to the process of research. The interaction between the speaker and the audience shows that this event has fulfilled its objective successfully.

Towards the end of the session, Dr. Khalifa Syed Al Shaqsi, the HOS of the Math section, delivered the vote of thanks by specifying how the session benefitted the participants in clarifying their queries and confusions regarding research and providing a motivation towards research. He thanked Dr.S.D.Sharma for coming to NCT for his motivational lecture. He presented a memento to Dr.S.D.Sharma as a token of appreciation.