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Mr. Ranjith Kumar     16-11-2015 11:33:26

The NCT MATH CLUB has started its student centered activities for the academic year 2015-2016 with the ultimate objective of developing their interest towards Mathematics.
As the first activity, the NCT MATH CLUB has organized training sessions for the students on MENTAL MATHEMATICS. This is a motivational activity for the students, planned with the objective to equip the students with some basic calculation skills so that the students can do simple calculations without calculators.
Two sessions were conducted by Mr. Sreekumar, lecturer in Math. The students were informed through email with the registration link as well as through advertisement on the college website for registration. The students were allowed to register in any one of the sessions as per their convenient timings. The reason behind having two sessions was that if a student could not register because of the specified timing, he/she gets an opportunity to register in the other session. A total of 34 students registered, out of which 18 students opted the first session and the remaining 16 students opted for the second session. The first session was conducted on 04/11/2015 from 11 am to 12 noon in LR11. The second session was conducted on 05/11/2015 from 10 am to 11 am in LR12.
Dr. Khalifa Al Shaqsi, the HOS of the MATH section, visited the students during the session to motivate the students and to give a brief description of the activities of the NCT MATH CLUB. He informed the students that the NCT MATH CLUB will be offering more similar and motivational workshops to the students in the coming months.
As per the feedback collected from the students, both the sessions were very interesting and useful for the students and they are very much interested in attending such workshops in future.