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Seminars and workshops conducted in Nizwa college of Technology under the Math Section

Mrs. Manitha Rijo     17-11-2015 08:51:49

As part of Staff Development Program, many seminars and workshops were held in Nizwa College of Technology in the IT department under the Mathematics section. The Professional Development Program for the Academic year 2015-2016 paved its path with the seminar by Mr Sudeer kumar on Optimization Techniques. Dr. George Varghese, Lecturer in Engineering Department , conducted a workshop on the topic “MATLAB and its application in Mathematics and Engineering” turned out to be very useful to all Math lecturers. As a continuation of the same another section was also conducted by him. Mr. Debanjan Ganguly conducted a seminar On “Designing Task to help understanding function threshold concept” was another valuable enrichment to the world of Mathematics. Mr. Sreekumar conducted sections on Mental Math and E learn -Moodle Grade Book . Dr. S.D.SHARMA, a legend in the field of Operations Research has given a lecture on "MAKE BEST DECISIONS THROUGH OPERATIONS RESEARCH " These seminars and workshops have become a great help for the lecturers in their professional development. All the seminars conducted in the college were highly appreciated by the lecturers of Math section.
Mrs. Manitha Rijo , coordinator for Professional Development Program for the Math Section, coordinated the workshops and seminars.
NCT Math Club , coordinated by Mr. Renjith Kumar also conducted various seminars for students as well as for lecturers.
The Head of Mathematics section , Dr.Khalifa Al Shaqsi also attended the seminars. In his conclusion speeches he emphasized on the importance of Math in daily life and that the college is planning to conduct more seminars on this fields. The Head of IT Department , Dr.Rolando also appreciated the successful completion of staff development programs. He pointed out the importance of staff development program in teaching and learning process of Colleges of Technology.