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IT Department conducts Fire Evacuation Drill

Mr. Amalraj Irudayasamy     23-11-2015 11:02:32

A Fire Evacuation Drill was scheduled by the IT Department through its Health & Safety Officer, Mr. Amalraj, as per the college policy on 19th of November 2015 for IT students and staff. This activity was conducted at the ETC building at 9.05 am, with the support of ETC technicians. With regard to the drill, all measures were taken to set the fire alarm at that time. Prior information was given to all teachers and students about the evacuation drill.

An alarm was rung at exactly the scheduled time and all students, teachers and technicians hurried to leave the building through the rear exit and assembled in the open space. It took 3 to 5 minutes for all to vacate the building. Afterwards, all those who participated, particularly the students, were asked to confirm whether their friends are present, to ensure that no one was left inside the building. After inspection, all concerned continued their normal activities.

All students, teachers and technicians cooperated and actively participated in the drill. As per observations done after the drill, a report and subsequent suggestions to increase safety of students and staff was submitted by the department to the college Health and Safety Committee.