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NCT Math lecturers attended Oman Math Day celebrations held at Sultan Qaboos University

Mr. KG Sreekumar     24-11-2015 14:30:31

Oman Mathematical Society has celebrated “OMAN MATH DAY” at Sultan Qaboos University on 22nd November , 2015. Oman Mathematical Committee Logo has been launched on the same day by Dr.Magda bint Talib Al Hinai , the chairman of Oman Mathematical committee. There were many academic activities like exhibition, discussions and seminars. The Imaginary Exhibition is centered on sketches of algebraic geometric surfaces and their computer aided generation. The interactive computer stations were displayed and that allowed the tangible exploration of algebraic geometrical structures. More details can be obtained from the website . The exhibition has been arranged in cooperation with the Mathematics department at SQU and German University of Technology, Oman.

Three lecturers including Hos of Math section of NCT have attended the conference. Dr.Khalifa Zayid Al Shaqsi , Mr. K.G .Sreekumar and Dr. Riyaz have attended the function. Lecturers and academicians from various colleges and universities have attended the Oman Math day celebrations .
In the Inaugural address , Dr.Magda bint Talib Al Hinai has pointed out the importance and benefits of using computer technology in teaching Mathematics in various levels. Many seminars were held as a part of academic activities on various topics. The seminar on the topic “Teaching and Learning Mathematics in the computer Technology Age” was given by Dr. Iman osta . He explained about the importance of the systematic approach of teaching and learning and the quantity to quality concept. He said about the advantage of using Mathlab and other software in teaching Mathematics in the colleges and univesrities. He has explained 9 criteria for teaching and assessing Mathematics. There were seminars on the topics Geogebra, MathXpert , Tinkerplots etc.
The topic Blended learning ( mixed learning) was handled by Dr. ali Al Musawi. According to him, blending is a best option for the higher colleges. Blended learning is a combination of traditional way of teaching together with the technology based teaching. The Oman Math Day was concluded with a closing ceremony .