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IT lecturer conducts seminar on “Research Methodology – The Need for Research” for IT students

Mrs. Sonia Victor Soans     29-11-2015 08:34:04

On 24th November 2015, a seminar on the topic “Research Methodology – Need for Research” was conducted by Mrs. Sonia Victor Soans, IT Lecturer, NCT for the IT B.Tech students in order to ignite the spirit of research in the minds of students.
She explained the need for research and how to conduct it from the undergraduate to the PhD level. She gave them instances where they could find suitable broad areas of their choice and pursue to find solutions to the existing problems in those areas.
The student expressed their interest and also gave a feedback saying that they wish to attend more of these seminars in order to gain expertise in research methodologies.
This was the first of its kind for the student community and seeing the overwhelming response the resourse person promised to have more of these sessions in the near future.