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IT Department claims title in public speaking competition 2015

Mr. Himanshu Sharma     01-12-2015 08:27:23

NCT’s 3rd Inter-department Public Speaking Competition, organized by the English Language Center (ELC), ended last week on 26th November, 2015 in Jibreen Hall, as student representatives from the four academic departments showcased their speech and communication skills and battled it out in the one-day finals.

Each contestant gave two time-bound speeches – prepared speech and impromptu speech. The topic for prepared speech was “Expanding Horizons through English”, while that for impromptu speech was given to each participant randomly, with 5 minutes preparation time.
The order of presentation was drawn by Mr. Sultan Soud Nasser Al Dughaishi, Head of ELC. As a result of the draw, Hila Hedaib Al Hashimi from IT Department presented her prepared speech first, followed by Salim Al Rawahi from Business Department, Sara Al Hinai from English Language Center and Thuraya Al Rawahi from Engineering Department. Four teachers – one from each department – acted as judges and evaluated the contestants based on their various skills set.
After all presentations are over, Hila Hedaib Al Hashimi from IT Department was declared as winner of the competition. All contestants received their participation certificate from Mr. Sultan Soud Nasser Al Dughaishi. The winner’s trophy was then received by Mr. Himanshu Sharma, Hila Al Hashimi’s coach and trainer, on behalf of the IT Department.
Dr. Rolando Lontok Jr., Head of IT Department, and Ms. Alice Lontok, Head of IT Section, congratulated the participant and the coach for winning the competition.