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NCT Math Club Conducted Workshops

Mr. KG Sreekumar     03-04-2016 13:37:48

NCT Math section conducted a workshop on “Effective use of scientific Calculator in Class rooms” on Wednesday , 23rd March 2016. It was organized by the Math club of IT Department. Many Students attended the workshop and was very useful to them. Math club has planned a series of workshops for the students. This is the second workshop of that series. Calculator is very useful in certain questions with more complicated calculations. Effectively using the calculator will reduce the mistakes as well as the time for calculations. The workshop mainly focused on the use of scientific Calculator on the topics which they study in the Colleges of Technology. We recommend the use of calculator only in arduous numerical calculations. Calculators speed up the problem solving process if it is used effectively. Otherwise it will result in mistakes and then students may loose marks. So it is a must for all students of technological education to know the use of calculator in a meticulous manner. If correctly developed the skill of using calculator, it will create an awareness for using a right tool for a right job. Like any tool, calculators are only machines that might be misused or erroneously used. This workshop has given them a right way of using the tool.
Another workshop on “UTILIZATION OF GEOGEBRA TUBES in learning Mathematics” was conducted on Thursday 11th February 2016. Both the workshops were handled by Mr. K.G. Sreekumar, a Lecturer from Math Section of IT department. Geogebra is an interactive dynamic geometry software which can be used as a learning tool for NCT students. It is a user friendly and interactive mathematical software . It can be used for various purposes like making graphical questions, for the simulation of various mathematical concepts, to visualize the original meaning of several mathematical terminologies, drawing graphs in application type questions, doing assignment projects for students, for interacting with world wide Mathematics personalities, for enriching the knowledge in Math topics etc. Difficulty Math became easy to understand through Geogebra. The use of Gegebra has given a good exposure for the students in the technological way of learning. Mr. Ranjithkumar , the teacher in-charge of Math club has organized all the workshops .These workshops will provide a self confidence in logical thinking and using tools.