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A Win for NCT

Dr. Amy Catalan     04-05-2016 12:43:24

Nizwa College of Technology finished 3rd in the recently concluded Spelling Bee held at the Scientific College of Design in Muscat on May 3, Tuesday. The college competed against four other colleges: HCT, Oman College, Gulf College and the host college. There were 29 participants who tried to outdo one another in the area of spelling proficiency. First place went to HCT and the 2nd place to Gulf College.

This was the 2nd time that the college participated in such an event and this year, it was represented by the English Language Center (ELC) foundation students Khoula Al Shuraiqi (2nd runner-up), Alanood Al Hadhrami (finalist), Rasha Al Aufi, Khulood Al Shukaili, Rawya Al Ghafri and Mysaa Al Shuhaili. They were accompanied by Dr. Amy Catalan, who coordinated and organized the team.

Mr. Sultan Al Dighaishi, ELC Head of Center, expressed his pride and show of support by giving a pep talk to the participants prior to the competition saying that the most important thing was to enjoy and learn from the experience. He also told them that winning was just a part of the entire experience. Moreover, this good news of placing 3rd was well-received and he was pleased with the result.

When asked for her insight, 2nd runner-up Khoula Al Shuraiqi said that she didn't expect to win, but she gave her best just the same. The trophy was endorsed to the college through Mr. Sultan Al Dighaishi for display and safekeeping.

The college, through its Language Center, also started its Spelling Bee for the ELC foundation students last year. It was organized after the college participated in the said event at the Scientific College of Design. This year, however, foundation and post-foundation students are able to participate on May 11 and 12, respectively.