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ETC Team Building 2016

Mr. Ramon A. Mangampo, Jr.      11-02-2020 09:56:15

The first Teambuilding of ETC was held in Falaj Al-Khatm Park, Manah. It was facilitated by the Head of Center, Mr. Hamad Al-Aufi and the Head of Computer Services, Mr. Said Al Ramidhi, who made an effort in planning to make this event possible. The activity was structured that, although it was great fun, it always had a deeper intention of building connections with and understanding of others.

The activity started in preparing the most important part of the event, our food. Everyone did their part like chopping, grilling, taking pictures and storytelling. The first game is getting to know each other, a very helpful activity especially if you are new in the team. It was really fun because unexpectedly, one of the participants needed to give 20 facts about himself. Second is a brain teaser that really works in problem solving and communication. Finally, all of us shared the food and still smiling while reminiscing all the things we did.

What a fun bonding time for everyone. This once in a year activity is really amazing and will probably last long into our hearts and mind. Overall, it was a great day of renewal that will surely transcend the ETC team objectives. We hope that the next team building will be the same or even better.