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Workshop on FURAP

Naseer Ahmed Abdul Shukoor      06-03-2017 08:38:36

By the direction of Dr.Khalifa Alshaqsi, Head of Math Section and the focal point of TRC Committee, the workshop on FURAP organized from 12nn to 2 pm on 2nd March 2017, with the objective of making awareness about TRC and the funded programs such as Faculty Mentored Undergraduate Research Awarded Program, and explaining the procedure to submit the proposal of FURAP in TRC website ( Due to the interest of more staff members, it was conducted as three batches with more than 30 members in each batch, in total more than 90 participants. Mr. Naseer Ahmed, lecturer in math, department of information technology, the speaker of the workshop, instructed all the participants to add the basic information in TRC research directory step by step. Also, he highlighted the funded program FURAP and its benefits for students, faculty and TRC. Next, he demonstrate the submission process of the proposal of FURAP in the TRC website.

To know more about the workshop content and the submission steps for proposal of FURAP.

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