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Best Project Award Win by NCT IT Students

Rahma Nasser Ali Al Julandani     19-03-2017 09:53:56

We, students of Nizwa College of Technology, participated in the 2nd iTech marathon event/project Demonstration/Exhibition Mechanics in Ibri College of Technology on 6th March 2017. All CoTs and some private colleges participated and competed in various fronts like Project, Photography, Programming, Network Security and Math. We got the first prize in the Best Project Category among all participants. It was one of the most outstanding and memorable moment for us.

Our project is to provide a cost-effective solution for providing internet service in villages which are located far away from internet service providers. It is designed to use wireless technology instead of using any other technology.

I, Rahma Nasser Ali Al Julandani, a student in Nizwa College Of Technology worked very hard to make this dream come true. Along with my friend Asma Hamed Said Al Fahdiya I completed the project for providing internet to remote areas. Then we decided that it must be implemented, and the thought of doing a project in real time came to our minds. During our survey in Nizwa, we found that Alrohba doesn't have internet, so we decided to implement our project in this area. We then distributed questionnaires and finally gathered all the information required.

We faced many problems initially such as, the required device was not available with us and we did not know the exact population of Alrohba city. We did not lose hope. With the support of our families and our teachers we overcame all the difficulties and worked even harder.

It was such a wonderful experience to participate in the competition which provided a platform to describe and explain our project. I'm proud of being a student of Nizwa College Of Technology. I am grateful to the college authorities, the IT Department Head, the HoSs for selecting my project for the competition. I also thank my family, teachers and my project supervisor Mr. Mohammed Abdul Basith for their constant support and encouragement.

I thank you all ...