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Workshop conducted by NCT IT Staff in Sultan Quaboos University

Ms. Suad Al-Riyami     05-04-2017 12:57:29

A workshop was conducted by Dr Khalifa Al-Shaqsi and Ms.Suad Al-Riyami in Sultan Quaboos University on 22nd and 23rd March 2017 on “Integrating Technology Into Education Using Moodle”. This workshop was organized by Oman Mathematical Committee, Oman.
Ms.Suad Al-Riyami gave an overview of moodle. She demonstrated the steps to add and set up any course, to add and delete students from any course, to add and modify activities within the course, to create Backup of data and steps to Restore the data. She also explained how to manage students' grades using Moodle, methods of tests’ preparation using the Question Bank and add user profiles.
On the other hand Dr. Khalifa Al-Shaqsi explained Implementation of Math in moodle, preparing Assessments through Moodle and adding Math Equations and Symbols in the Quizzes.
A large number of participants benefitted from this workshop. As many as 25 Math Supervisors/Teachers from the public Schools in and around Muscat participated in this workshop. It was conducted in the Main Library laboratory.
It was a great success for the speakers since they could reach out to so many Math teachers and explain to them the benefits of Moodle.
The workshop ended with an award ceremony where Ms Suad Al-Riyami and Dr. Khalifa Al-Shaqsi were awarded and honoured by the Assistant Dean ……
The IT Department is proud of this venture and wishes them great success in future endeavors.