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First Math Forum Gathering

Ranjith Kumar K.r.     18-05-2017 14:10:41

The Math Section, of Information Technology Department, Nizwa College of Technology, conducted the first Math Forum gathering on 9th May 2017 in LR02. The event started at 2 pm, with the welcome note by Mr. Ranjith Kumar, Coordinator of NCT-Math Club. Dr. Rolando Lontok (HOD of the IT department), Ms. Alice M Lontok (the HoS of the IT section) and Mr. Tariq Muhammed (the HoS of the Networking section) were the invitees along with all the staff members of the Math section. After the welcome speech, the prizes and certificates for the winners of the various math competitions conducted by the NCT Math Club – Math quiz, Math puzzle, Math debug, Math memory test – were distributed by Dr. Rolando Lontok (HoD IT) and Dr. Khalifa Al Shaqsi (HoS of Math section).

After the prize distribution, Mr. Naseer Ahmed opened the “Discussion on Curriculum Development: Teaching and Assessment with ICT” by briefing the progress of the math section towards using of ICT in teaching and learning as well as assessments in the last couple of years. The HoD IT, the HoS’s of IT, Networking and Math sections and all the staff members of the Math section actively participated in the discussion. All the invitees appreciated the efforts taken by Math section in adopting technology to support teaching and learning as well as assessments. The feedback and suggestions given by all were recorded to enhance the methodology of teaching Math with the support of ICT. The discussion lasted till 3:30 pm.

The Quiz in Higher Mathematics for the Math staff members started at 4 pm. All the Math staff members except the quiz master Mr. Naseer Ahmed were grouped in four teams with 4 to 5 members each. The quiz covered all the topics in higher level Mathematics. It was a great opportunity for all the math faculty to refresh their knowledge in the higher mathematics. It lasted till 5:15 pm.
After a short break, the Talk on Math session started at 5:30 pm, where each Math faculty was given maximum of 5 minutes to present a topic related to Mathematics. The Math faculty members actively presented their respective topics in this session which ended by 7:30 pm. They are short presentations but too informative.

The meet ended with the concluding remarks given by Dr. Khalifa Al Shaqsi. He appreciated the efforts taken by all the Math faculty members in making this gathering as a memorable event. A token of appreciation was given to all the math faculty members for their active participation in the event.

The winning team of the Quiz in Higher Mathematics which included Mr. Naheed Mohammed, Mr. Ranjith Kumar, Ms. Suganthi Gopal, Ms. Manitha, and Mr. Muhammed Basheer, and the presentations by Dr. Prabhakara Reddy and Mr. Sudeer Kumar in Talk on Math were awarded with special prizes.