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IT Staff conducts Workshop on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks and Its Security Challenges

Dr. Jehan Murugadhas     23-05-2017 13:58:20

Dr. Jehan Murugadhas, Networking/E-Security Section, IT Department conducted a workshop on 11th May 2017 in the title of "Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks and Its Security Challenges". The aim of this workshop was to provide the research experience in the field of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks to the faculty members.

The speaker explained the impact of the Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) in the entire road traffic and the functionalities of the smart car. The workshop focuses an update on recent developments in the VANETs Architecture, Smart Vehicles, V2V Communication, Traffic Safety Electronic Payment Applications and Adaptive cruise control systems in roadways. It also covered to find out the Vulnerabilities and Preventive measures of security challenges. The session included the practical based creation of Ad Hoc Networks using real device.

The workshop concluded with discussing about various VANETs simulators and Car to Car communication related projects.