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IT Department hosted a Guest Seminar on "Green Product”

Mr. Vinesh Jain and Ms. Sonia V. Soans, Photo Collage by Mr. Sanjay Gupta     25-05-2017 10:48:43

The IT Department hosted a guest seminar on Wednesday 17th May from 10 -12am at Adam Hall in Nizwa College of Technology.

The program began with introduction of the Guest speaker by the student representatives of IT Club supervised by Ms. Suad Al Riyami. Staff from all departments were invited by the Department Head Dr. Rolando Lontok. Many staff members represented their departments and benefitted from the seminar.

The guest speakerShri Manmohan Jaiin also known as Mr. M. S. Jaiin completed his graduation in Agricultural Engineering, worked for over four decades in serving humanity through various ways. He started his talk, and presentation by sharing to the audience, his life.

The early awareness of his potential and capabilities led him to realize that much bigger opportunities, challenges as well as achievements lay ahead and he decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship in 1979 with a nominal capital of Rs.30,000. It is difficult to answer the question of why he decided to get into the business of manufacturing sodium silicate. In retrospection, it could be said that it was Sodium Silicate that chose him rather than the other way around because he had cast his indelible and unique stamp on every significant development that this industry had gone through over the last three decades.

Even after three decades and unquestioned leadership in India as well as number 2 position across the globe in Sodium Silicates, the quest, zeal and the burning fire to do more remains with Mr. Manmohan Jaiin as strong as it was when he started the business. The business has grown by leaps and bounds with more than 37 locations and 750 employees.

“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it” - and that’s what symbolizes Kiran Global Chem Limited now. Kiran Global has today become an Indian Multinational with operations in 7 countries and more being planned.

Today, the M S Jaiin Group is the largest manufacturer in the country of Sodium silicate and have surpassed 600,000 tonnes per annum production mark. The company also has installed capacities of 15,000 tonnes of LABSA and 25,000 tonnes of Potassium Silicate.

The mission to establish Kiran Global Chems Limited as a global leader through innovative technologies and best practices having been accomplished, Mr. Manmohan Jaiin has embarked on yet another journey to fulfill his vision:

“To engage in a continuous quest for developing innovative and path-breaking products, services and practices for building a better, brighter and sustainable future for all stakeholders”.

Here, it will be interesting to learn about a significant contribution which the M S Jaiin Group of Companies is poised to make to the world at large. Today one of the biggest challenges before the world is the threat posed by global warming and consequent extreme weather patterns, Release of Carbon dioxide CO2 into the atmosphere is one of the primary reasons behind global warming and consequent climate change. The highest contributor to global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions at 7% per annum, is the cement industry, through calcination on account of heating of limestone and burning of coal as fuel.

For the first time in the history of modern cement across the world, the M S Jaiin Group has been able to produce a versatile cementitious material (called Geocement) without the use of limestone or coal or cement in the process of manufacture. This portends a phenomenal positive development for the world at large because of the promise of substantial reduction of CO2 emissions. You can know more about this revolutionary product at

The program ended with vote of thanks proposed by Mr. Vinesh Jain. The IT Department Head Dr. Rolando Lontok appreciated the initiative taken by the department in organizing such guest lectures and encouraged for more such programs in future.