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IT staff conducts Workshops on Virtualization - A distributed computing perspective and Getting on the bandwagon of virtualization.

Mr. Muhammad Yasir     15-06-2017 12:03:23

Mr. Muhammad Yasir from the IT Department of Nizwa College of Technology conducted the first session of the workshop titled Virtualization - A distributed computing perspective in A108 on 4th May, 2016. The workshop was very informative and gave an insight to a research arena.
He explained that Cloud computing and IT-as-a-service delivery models offer organizations a way to transform IT to meet both the increasing demands for dynamically delivered IT resources and the pressure to lower costs. These computing models can deliver greater agility and be less expensive to provision and maintain than traditional physical environments.
The successful transition to these computing models is not only dependent on a solid virtualization-based IT Infrastructure, but on the transformation of skill sets and processes to support the new technology. The lack of a solid foundation can jeopardize the success of implementing these higher-level initiatives.
Virtualization is a disruptive technology that fundamentally changes the way companies think about delivering business value through IT. Given its disruptive nature, many organizations struggle with successfully implementing a widespread virtualized infrastructure. Having a solid foundation is a critical path to a successful virtualization initiative.
He discussed basics of virtualization and related topics. The types of virtualization along with appropriate uses and tools are also discussed in detail. Later, an overview of available virtualization solutions and review of key decision factors when selecting a virtualization platform. Finally, a walk through on observations including identification of areas for further investigation, and highlighting the most effective next steps for virtualization strategy was conducted.
On 8th June 2017, Mr. Muhammad Yasir conducted the second session of the workshop in A108 on Getting on the bandwagon of virtualization.
He mentioned that virtualization technologies clearly hold significant promise for the enterprise, including better hardware utilization, improved service and performance, and reduced downtime. However, potential roadblocks such as political issues across IT and the business, a lack of skills, and poor application support stand in the way of successful implementation.
The workshop begins with a comprehensive overview of the virtualization landscape. Later, he put light on important drivers, key benefits, potential challenges, best practices, and significant market trends across a full range of virtualization platforms and technologies.
He also demonstrated the virtualization platforms of VMWare and VirtualBox. The presenter also highlighted the key factors and concepts for creation and management of VMs. Later, creation of a virtual network using integration of VMs configured at various platforms is demonstrated using network simulation and device emulation tool, GNS3. Finally, the presenter discussed the possibilities for the integration of virtualization in the networking and security based course projects.
The Department head Dr. Rolando Lontok appreciated his initiative and encouraged for more such informative sessions.