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Alice M. Lontok     02-07-2017 11:56:19

A meeting on Student Course Project Collaboration was held on June 1, 2017. The meeting was initiated by IT Department and attended by the Head of IT Department, Head of Sections as well as project steering committee representatives from different academic departments, and a representative from ELC. The two main objectives of the meeting are (1) to come up with a list of projects that could be done by students of each department for other departments and (2) to come up with a list of collaborative projects, which could be done by students from different departments.
During the meeting, each department representative discussed the different types of project developed by their students. The discussion gave an opportunity for each participant to develop ideas on how a department could help another department through the student project. Several project ideas were discussed which could be developed through the collaboration of all academic departments. One of the requested projects for IT students is to develop a Project Requirements System which could be used by all departments in requesting for a project and for facilitating easier collaboration between departments concerned.

While the system is not yet available, the participants of the meeting decided to use a shared file through Google Sheets to come up with the required lists that will be updated by the project steering committee head of each academic department. Participants hope that through the shared file, each department could develop student projects that are useful and may provide solutions to the needs of other departments in NCT.