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Course Project Orientation for IT Students

Alice M. Lontok     03-07-2017 08:49:47

The IT Department conducted a Course Project Orientation for students who will take course project in Semester 1, 2017-2018. The orientation was given by Mr. Sheik Mohammed (Head of IT Department Project Steering Committee), Ms. Alice Lontok (HoS, IT) and Dr. Rolando (HoD, IT). The orientation is important so that students will know the new course project procedures which will be implemented by all academic departments in Nizwa College of Technology from Semester 1, AY 2017-2018.

In the new procedure, students must form the group and submit a proposal one semester prior to the Course Project registration. The proposal will be approved by a panel formed by the department for this purpose.

The IT department also plans to provide series of workshops to the students to assist them in the preparation of their proposal, requirement gathering & analysis and design phases of the project development. The department also created a Moodle course for the students so that they could download all the documents that are necessary in the submission of project requirements.

The new scheme is deemed to help the students in managing and developing their course projects. Since the proposal will be approved one semester prior to the course project registration, they will have more time for implementation or coding phase of the project development.