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Alice M. Lontok     03-07-2017 08:50:53

Diploma students of IT Department were given a workshop about the Preparation of Course Project Proposal on May 30, 2017. The workshop is an avenue for the students to get a better understanding on how to prepare the proposal based on the department requirements. The incoming diploma Course Project students were divided into three groups and the workshop was conducted by Mr. Sheik Mohammed, Mr. Arun and Mr. Vinodkumar.

During the workshop, the facilitators explained the minimum requirements for different type of course projects. A sample proposal for each type was presented and discussed in detail, including how the marking rubrics will be used against each proposal. The facilitators also explained the process of approving the course project proposals by members of the evaluation committee. In the same workshop, the students also submitted the Group Formation Form that indicates the members of each group, course project pre-requisite status of each member and the remaining courses of each student.

The department is very happy with the turnout for the workshops as this shows the students’ sincerity in preparing for their course projects.