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Workshop on Student Centered Learning

Mr. Arun Kavuru     05-07-2017 14:05:24

IT Department has organized a workshop on Student Centered Learning. The workshop was organized in ADAM hall on Thursday 25th May 2017 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM.
The activity started with the presentation by Dr. Rolando, Head of IT Department who focused on the importance of Student centered learning and its approaches. HOD highlighted the importance of moving students towards active learning rather than keeping them as passive learners.
HOD mentioned that the ministry along with the college wants to implement the SCL approaches in all courses. Highlighting the different approaches of SCL, HOD explained that the following are some of the common approaches that are followed globally.

Learner - centered teaching
Experiential learning
Personalized learning
Self-regulated learning
Peer led team learning
Team-based learning
Peer instruction
Inquiry guided learning
Active learning
Collaborative learning
Inquiry-based learning
Cooperative learning
Problem-based learning
Just-in-time teaching
Small group learning
Proficiency based learning
Project-based learning
Question-directed instruction

It was also informed to the staff members that, from semester 1, all staff members must implement any of these approaches in their courses.

After the presentation, workshop started where, each staff member suggested two approaches for his course with suggestions on implementation, and assessment.
Mr. Arun is asked to compile the collected data for further analysis. After the analysis department will create its plan on implementing SCL