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Workshop for Annual Operational Plan Development

Mr. Arun Kavuru     05-07-2017 14:07:07

IT Department has organized a workshop for the development of its annual operational plan for the academic year 2017-18. The workshop was organized in ADAM hall on Thursday 25th May 2017 from 12:00 NN to 1:00 PM. The staff members were divided into 8 teams based on the 8 goals from the strategic plan. The staff members were given with the inputs such as department plans for next semester, feedback on the OP 2016-17 and also the revised strategic plan.
The activity was started with the presentation from Dr. Rolando, Head of IT Department on the quality cycle and ADRI model. The Speaker was also focusing on the SP and KPIs. HOD also highlighted and explained the process of OP preparation and gave details about the planned workshop.
After the presentation of HOD, each group started discussing the Operational plan in detail and allotted team leader in each group has submitted the complied implementation steps for each strategy, to the QA Coordinator.
Later after the work shop, HOD gave the task to the QA Coordinator to compile the work done by individual group and prepare the first version of Operational plan 2017-18. This will be sent to the staff members again for their feedback once again.