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Charity Event conducted by the IT Club students

Mrs. Suad Al-Riyami     01-10-2017 13:22:55

The IT Club performed a charity event at the Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children, Al Khoud, Muscat. The Chief Guest of the event was Mr. Sheikh Hilal Hamad Al-Saarmi, Member of the Shuraa Council of Al-Seeb under the supervision of Ms. Suad Al Riyami.

The event was a grand success by all standards, where the IT Club students could provide educational Tools and games (animation, audio and visual) for two classes. Those educational games developed the thinking skills, problem solving for this category of children who needs special care.
The IT students who participated in the event are Intessae Nasser Alkhtri, Nawal Saleh Al-Hinai, Sara Salim Al-Abri, Sarah Khalfan Al-Busaidi, Horya Yaqoob Harib Al-Hadhrami, Buthaina Nasser Al-Shuraqi, Kothar Hamed Said Al-Rab'aani, Samya Al-Khatri, Jawaher Al-Raqmi, Ruqaya Hamed Al-Mahrouqi, Zulaikha Al-Rawahi, Omanir Amer Al-Raqami, AlAnood Al-Mahrouqi, Anwar Salim Al-Mujazi, Saud Al-Subhi, Nasser Suliman Abdullah Al-Nabhani (Engineering department).
And some of Alumni Students who also participated in this event are Omar Salam Al-Kindi, Faisal Al-Azkawi, Mohammed Al-Amri, Hatim Al-Dujashi, Khalfan Al-Abdalim, Muneer Al-Budaidi, Abdurheem Al-Obadani We offer special thanks to them.

This event was appreciated by all. The Department head Dr. Rolando Lontok was proud of all the students who are working actively to make IT Department glorious.