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OCPC Orientation Talk for the IT students on 19th October

Ms. Sonia V. Soans     25-10-2017 20:28:19

An orientation programme was conducted by Oman Collegiate Programming Contest 2017 (OCPC - 2017) On 19th Oct 2017. The talk was delivered by Dr. Mohammed Al-Badawi ACM-OCPC Regional Director, Sultan Qaboos University. Dr. Mohammed explained the various aspects of this programming competition. The Department head Dr. Rolando Lontok and IT, HoS Ms. Alice along with the trainers were present there to encourage maximum participation.

A large number of students participated in this orientation. Dr. Mohammed told the students that SQU has also organized a weekend workshop to train the students in order to make them comfortable for the competition.

The talk went on for almost one and half hours and ended with Q & A where Dr. Al Badawi answered the students’ questions and cleared their doubts.

One of our students attended the weekend training programme at SQU and returned with a lot of information for the other participants.

Related to this competition, the IT department conducted a selection competition on Sunday 22nd Oct. All interested students were asked to attend the competition held at A212 Lab.

Students participated in groups of 3 and all were given sets of Programming questions to complete in one and half hour. The trainers Mr. Asad Mustafa and Ms. Sonia Soans invigilated and later evaluated the papers.

A final selection was made by the NCT coordinator of this program Ms. Suad Al Riyami and the students were informed about their participation in SQU for the final round. The students Turath Abdullah Mohammed Al Saifi, Hisham Khamis Said AL Kendi, Saoud Khalf Sulaiman Al Subhi Asila, of team 1 and Ahmed Said Al Sibaniya Hajer, Mohammed Said Nasser Al Riyami, Fatema Mohammed Hamood Al Barashd of team 2 are the selected students.

The department head Dr. Rolando Lontok wished the students the very best for their participation and encouraged them to learn the most from this entire event.