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Academic Advising Practice - Symposium by Rustaq College of Education.

Dr Moahmmed Shafiuddin     28-11-2017 20:24:56

Dr Mohammed Shafiuddin presented a paper in Academic Advising Practice two days symposium on 22 November 2017 conducted by Rustaq College of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Oman.

Dr Shafiuddin presented his paper on Meta-Cognition Strategies and its effect on student. He presented his paper in Room No D-6. He explained that metacognition is one of the teaching method in which the teacher uses thinking about one’s own thinking. He further explained that in this strategy the students plan, monitor and evaluate his own performance. He stated that in meta cognition thinking and learning takes place simultaneously, hence the students become thinker and learner.

He thanked Mr Essam Ali Al-Lawati for his continuous support and follow up. He thanked college management to provide necessary arrangements to him.