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NCT Engineering students secured first prize in the National Symposium

Dr.Bensujin     11-12-2017 15:37:37

A team from the department of engineering participated and won first prize in the national symposium conducted by Waljat college of Applied Sciences, Muscat. The team is made up of Dr.Bensujin, Ms.Mazoon Al Nabhani, Ms.Sumaya Al Jamodi and Ms. Marwa Al Amri. The team presented a technical paper entitle “Enhancing Oman renewable energy sources using smart robot for PV panel cleaning system”. The practical implementation is exhibited in the Health and safety campaign conducted by the Oman Electricity and Transmission Company (OETC) and the same model is accepted by The Research Council, Oman for funding.
Renewable energy is the focused solution by many researchers to reduce the global heat as the renewable energy sources utilizes the natural available sources and there is no waste product. Among the renewable energy sources, the solar power plants are playing the vital role. The solar power plants attract the sunlight through solar panels (PV panels) and convert it as electrical energy. In all power plants as the solar panel need to be exposed to sunlight, all panels are kept on roof tops or in any outdoor locations.
Dusts are formed on the solar panels which reduce the output power and efficiency of the solar panels. A dedicated person is required to clean the solar panels in regular intervals. It is practically difficult when the solar panels are kept in deserts and remote locations. Hence the new and novel idea struck to clean the solar panels using a robot. The intelligent robot senses the dust formation on the solar panel and moves to the exact location. The robot is fabricated with a roller brush and water pump which enables the robot to clean the panels. A special type of mecanum wheels is fixed in the robot to move it in all direction. The robot is capable of working in two different operations, the manual mode and the auto mode.