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IT Coordinator escorts students to Musannah for a workshop

Mrs. Sonia V. Soans     28-01-2018 15:59:28

26 students from all departments of NCT were escorted by the IT Coordinator Ms. Safa Mohammed Al Shukaili from 11th January to 14th January 2018 to Khazzan Young Leaders Programme in Musannah. It was a programme sponsored by BP and Oman Sail which was held at Millenium Resort.
The 3 days programme consisted of workshops in various categories of sailing and sea experiences. The students benefitted a lot through the training programme and the workshop conducted by Mr. Ahmed Al Amri a sailor who went around the world.
He explained the advantages of this new learning and also gave new ideas related to making CV, Life Management and Life Ethics.
He entertained the students and made learning even more interesting through games. The programme was very beneficial to the students who saw this for the first time. The response from the students was very good. Ms. Safa too had a very positive feedback about the entire tour.