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Industrial visit to the GSM Roof top Base Station at NCT

Mohammed Abdul Nasar     12-03-2018 16:34:43

An Industrial visit was carried out to the GSM roof top Base Station at Nizwa College of Technology, which is a service provider for Omantel. The visit took place on 11th of March 2018 for the bachelor students of Electronics & Communications Engineering to cover the practical aspects of Antennas and Propagation course. 
The main objective of the visit was to give an overview to the students about the basic GSM architecture for 2G, 3G & 4G technologies, Antenna types, Antenna connections, cables and Baseband units etc. Total of 13 students and 2 staff members went to the tour. The team was led by one of the Omantel Employee who briefed us about the complete baseband units for 2G (the only technology available) for Ericson cabinet.
The tour started with the safety rules and regulations to be followed while working at the base station. Later the students were taken to the shelter room of the station where the base band unit was connected and got an insight of 2G cabinet consisting of base band units which are responsible for all the processing of signals. They saw how commissioning is done in case of any communication failure or due to some natural calamities. Later they had a tour of the roof top, showing them how the antennas are aligned in accordance with other base stations.
Students and Staff thanked the employee of Omantel who helped students to visit the GSM base station. Surely all (students and staff) had good learning experience and students were really happy to find the similarity between the theoretical study and practical implementation. The tour got ended with group photo session.