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SCL workshop organized by NCT MATH CLUB

Mr. Ranjith Kumar KR      27-03-2018 08:49:54

The NCT MATH CLUB organized the SCL workshop on "Enhancing Math Learning through eLearning websites" for all the students of Calculus II course. The motive of the workshop is to introduce the eLearning Math websites to the Calculus II students, in which they can learn and practice Math and develop a better understanding of the subject independently.

The workshop was scheduled to almost all the sections of the Calculus II course in their respective classrooms. It was conducted by Dr. Riyaz Ahmed, faculty from the Math section of the Information Technology Department in Nizwa College of Technology. He introduced three eLearning websites to the students, which focuses on Student Centered Learning in Math. These websites can be used by the students to practice and learn Math topics at home. He explained the various advantages and the features that are available with each of the websites, and how it can be explored in learning Mathematics.

The students found the workshop interesting as well as very useful for developing their problem solving skills, and have a better understanding of Mathematics.