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Workshop by the NCT MATH CLUB

Ranjith Kumar      17-04-2018 14:09:23

The NCT MATH CLUB organized the workshop on "Effective use of Scientific calculator" for the students of Calculus I students. It was scheduled for all the students of Calculus I course in their respective sections during the last two weeks of Semester 2, AY 2017-18. The workshop was taken by Mr Muhammed Basheer, lecturer, from the Math section of the Information Technology Department at Nizwa College of Technology.

A scientific calculator is an essential tool in their daily classroom activities. Most of the students use their calculator for performing scientific calculations in the classroom. The scientific calculator, if used effectively, will reduce the errors as well as the time, taken for calculations. This, in turn, speeds up the problem-solving process. The workshop mainly focused on the use of the scientific calculator on the topics which they study in the Colleges of Technology. The students were given a worksheet, prepared by Mr Basheer, containing the type of calculations which the students usually make mistakes which doing in the classes. Short and effective ways of performing such calculations were discussed in the workshop.

This workshop has given them a right idea of using the Scientific Calculator. The students found it very useful and they commented that this will help them save some time in the examination.