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IT staff conducts a Seminar on Cryptographic security protocols - How SSL works

Ms. Sonia V. Soans     02-05-2018 09:33:55

A seminar was conducted on 19th April 2018 by Mr. Humayoun Israr, Lecturer of Information Technology Department in A112 for all IT staff as a part of Staff Development Activities. The topic of the seminar was “Cryptographic security protocols - How SSL works”. The program was coordinated by Mr. Humayoun Israr himself as SDU Coordinator of the department.
The seminar mainly focused on cryptographic protocol SSL/TLS working. He explained synchronous and asynchronous cryptographic algorithms and described how these concepts will be very useful in signing the data digitally.
The seminar ended with question answer session which was handled very meticulously by him.
The attendees appreciated the seminar and requested for more such informative seminars in future.