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NCT- Business Studies Department Won the Overall Championship at ‘Zeal 2018’

Business Department     14-05-2018 13:19:00

Business Studies Department of Nizwa College of Technology came out as the overall champions in the “Inter-college Business Competitions Meet – Zeal 2018” held at Al Musannah College of Technology on 9th May 2018. The Trophy was awarded since the participants from Business Studies Department of NCT won the:
• First Prize in Human Resources Specialization competitions and
• First Prize in Marketing Specialization competitions
More than 60 students from six colleges of technology competed in the event. Each Specialization of Business Studies had different competitions. Nizwa College of Technology won the first prizes in Marketing and Human Resources Specialization.
Eight students, three from each HRM and Accounting Specialization and two from Marketing Specialization represented the college in the event. The participants were:
1. Maria Saleh Al Kindi (Human Resources Management)
2. Anwar Yasser Al Salhami (Human Resources Management)
3. Hayam Mussalam Al Shaifi (Human Resources Management)

4. Marwa Al Garibi (Accounting & Finance)
5. Faisal Al Sabhahi (Accounting & Finance)
6. Hamad Al Omairi (Accounting & Finance)

7. Harith Ahmed Al balhasani (Marketing)
8. Mohammed Ali Al-busaidi (Marketing)

The Business Studies Department, congratulate all the participants and the teachers who have trained the students!