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Bsuiness Studies lecturer papers presented in " National symposium on Business and Economics"

Mrs. Olfa Mohamadi     22-05-2018 11:06:21

Business Studies Department takes pride and pleasure in congratulating the BSD staff who participated and presented research papers in the National symposium on Business and Economics organized by Ibri College of Technology on May 10, 2018.
We would like to express our gratitude to the College Dean for his support.

Title of Research Paper:

- A study in quality assurance management in higher educational institutes in sultanate of Oman, Presented by: Dr Mohammad Shafiuddin.

- Analysis of monetary risk in global economy in present era a case study of oil crisis in middle east, Presented by: Dr Syed Hassan Rizwi.

- Existentialist’s model of professionalism, Presented by: Dr Diwan Taskheer khan, Mr Arif Iftikhar.

- A study on progress of students in Nizwa College of Technology with special emphasis on stress related issues,
Presented by: Dr Vishnu kanth Rao, Ms Iram Fatma, Ms Farha Deeba Hassan