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Exam committee of Business Studies department conducted an orientation on “New Marks Break –up sheet”

Ms.Rajani James     29-05-2018 11:55:28

The exam committee under the auspices of staff development unit, Business studies department conducted an orientation titled new “Marks Break up sheet” on 24th May 2018 at 10:45 AM.
Mr. Shamsuddin Khuthbuddin, Lecturer, HR Specialization; Mr. Ramesh Krishna P N, Lecturer, Marketing Specialization; Dr. Lenin Kumar Looney, Lecturer, Accounting Specialization simultaneously facilitated the orientation program in the Business studies computer labs.
The program covered the following areas;
1. The structure of the new marks break up sheet such as range wise, department wise mark bifurcation automation.
2. Methods to be followed while entering the data, precautionary measures for avoiding the errors in the mark break up sheet were presented in the beginning of the session.
3. Discussions regarding the marks break up sheet.
The input from the staff members were also incorporated in the updated format of the sheet. The orientation program ended at 12:15 PM with queries from the staff.