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Community Development Program by IT - B.Tech IES students

Ms. Sonia Victor Soans     03-06-2018 10:12:49

The B.Tech. students of Internet and E-Security specialization belonging to Information Technology Department conducted a presentation on “Security Issues of Ecommerce – how to handle them” on 14th May 2018 in Omani Women’s Association, Nizwa as a part of their course outcome. This was the first time a community based education program was conducted by these students.
The Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Khalfan Abdullah Saeed Al-Masruri approved the initial proposal submitted by the course tutor through the IT, HoD Dr. Rolando Lontok. He encouraged the event by appreciating the initiative of the course tutor, Ms. Sonia.
Mr. Ismail Ahmed Nasser Al Riyami, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs appreciated the initiative and coordinated with the Omani Women’s Association. He provided all the support needed for the event.
The students planned well for this event with the help of their course tutor Ms. Sonia V. Soans by distributing the tasks among themselves. A few practice sessions were conducted by the teacher.
On the day of the event the students reached the venue on time. Rumaisa Nasser Said Al Aamri was the MC. She introduced the event to the existing participants while Ameera Salim Ali Saif Al Nabhani, Aysha Mohammed Mubarak Al Musalahi, Mahfoudha Talib Mubarak Mohammed Al Jabri, Maysa Nasir Hamed Al Hmaimi, Taqwa Abdullah Issa Al Ghanimi and Zainab Nasser Hareb Al Wardi registered the participants. Fatema Ahmed Mohammed Al Azri and Salwa Said Mohammed Al Twageri delivered the talk and explanation with short demos. The participants gave them a patient ear and very enthusiastically listened to them. They also wanted to get their queries answered. Students were ready for them and answered each and every question confidently. A gathering of thirty-five participants along with fourteen students and ten organisers of Omani Women’s Association and one teacher were present in the occasion. Muneera Khamis Sulaiman Al Jamoodi and Marya Moosa Mansoor Ali Al Harrasi wrote certificates for all the participants. Ms. Zuwaina Rashid Al Riyami, ETC, NCT who was the coordinator from the college spoke a few words of appreciation for the students and the teacher for conducting such events which helps the community to be aware of various situations which would be difficult to know through other sources. She also expressed her gratitude towards the organisers for giving this opportunity to the students to present before the members.
Ms. Zuwaina Nasser Al Nabhani the secretary of Omani Women’s Association came forward and expressed her gratitude towards the students and the teacher for educating the participants on a very serious issue. Ms. Sonia V. Soans was called forward to hand over a beautiful memento to Ms. Zuwaina Nasser Al Nabhani as a token of gratitude and appreciation.
The event ended with a vote of thanks by Raya Hamood Salim Hamood Al Hadabi. The same students who registered the participants, then collected feedback of the program. The overall students’ leader was Hajer Mohammed Said Al Riyami and Ahlam Said Saif Al Hatmi. While Hajer monitored and ensured a smooth flow of the event, Ahlam submitted the overall report.
The event may have been short but the students gained a lot of confidence. All the objectives were fulfilled. The students learnt how to conduct a full-fledged program for the first time. They submitted a report to the course tutor as a part of the requirement by the teacher.

The entire event was appreciated by Dr. Khalifa Al Shaqsi, HoS – Math, Ms. Alice Lontok, HoS – IT and Mr. Basith Mohammed, HoS – Network as this was the first of its kind and would be an inspiration to the other students.