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BSD OP preparation workshop

Dr Moahmmed Shafiuddin     28-06-2018 10:38:37

Business Studies department conducted a workshop in Jibreen Hall on 28 June 2018 from 12 noon to 2 PM along with its department meeting. In this workshop the staff is divided in to 8 groups as per the goals and a leader is given to coordinate the group.
HoD of Business Dr.Ibrahim Ali Saleh Al-Aamri briefed the importance of this workshop and advised the groups to give their best suggestions to improve the sub-goals. He also advised them to do brainstorming for each goal so that the ADRI can be developed in a good manner
QAU representative Dr. Mohammed Shafiuddin explained the roles of the sub-goals, strategies and other related issues in writing the OP.
The Dean of the College Dr. Hafidh Baomar and Assistant Dean (Admin& Finance) Mr.Hamad Al –Aufi also visited the workshop and met each group.
The staff actively participated in the workshop. HoD Dr.Ibrahim Ali Saleh Al-Aamri thanked the staff for their valuable contribution in their busy time. All the groups completed their tasks and developing a new Operational Plan of BSD.
QAU of BSD expressed thanks to HoD, HoSs, BSD Coordinator, Staff Club and all the staff members for their valuable contribution.
All the groups discussed the OP in the ADRI format and suggested the OP with the final consensus.