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QA Orientation and Awareness for NCT Staff Conducted by Head of QA Unit

Dr.Rolando M. Lontok      04-10-2018 11:18:53

To start the quality assurance and enhancement activities for the new academic year, the Head of NCT QA Unit, Dr. Rolando Lontok Jr., conducted an orientation and awareness session for all academic and non-academic staff on 20 September in Adam Hall. Aside from academic and non-academic staff in various units of the college, the event was also attended by college officials.
In his talk, Dr. Rolando first share with the audience the summary of college performance in the last academic year, through the achievement of major KPIs, based on the college strategic plan, as well as the standard KPIs for all CoTs, as provided by the Ministry of Manpower. He then proceeded to inform the audience about the overall implementation of the current strategic plan by showing the achievements from 2013 to 2018, again, in terms of the KPIs based on the eight strategic goals of the college.
After presenting the achievements of NCT in terms of internal (SP) and external (MoM) KPIs, Dr. Rolando shared to the staff the major activities that will be done and/or participated in by the college in relation to QA. These include the planned workshop of all CoTs that will be organized by MoM to develop the new SP, the ongoing work of the college in preparation of Version 2 of NCT ISAA document, and the status of GFP Audit Portfolio that is currently being done by the GFP working groups in NCT.
Dr. Rolando ended his presentation by sharing other activities planned by the QAU for this academic year to inform the whole NCT community of what is going on in the QAU.