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IT Department Registrar conducts workshop to improve 2nd Semester Projection

Vinesh Jain     07-10-2018 14:40:35

As a first step towards getting more accurate student registration projection for the coming semester, the IT Department Registrar, Mr. Vinesh Jain, conducted a workshop to orient and familiarize IT staff, particularly the academic advisors, with the internal system that was agreed to be implemented within the department. This scheme is envisaged to supplement CIMS data so that a more accurate projection for second semester could be obtained.
Mr. Vinesh was supported by HoS-IT, Mrs. Alice Lontok, and HoS-NW, Mr. Abdul Basith, in conducting the workshop.
Objectives of the workshop were to find students’ passed courses and advised courses for their current level as per CIMS. Advisors from IT Section, Network Section and Math Section participated in the workshop.
As per our past experiences of Department Registrar(s), CIMS does not provide the exact projection of number of students per course. Thus every semester HoS(s) modify their advising guidelines as per the advised number of students per course. This new scheme is envisaged to improve the process until such time that CIMS is improved to give a more exact projection of students.