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Industrial Visit to Science & Technology Center, Nizwa

Dr. Bensujin     09-10-2018 08:41:50

An industrial visit to “Science & Technology Center” was organized by the NCT Engineering department on Wednesday, 3rd October 2018. Students those who pursue their studies in B.Tech Computer Engineering and Dr.Bensujin, HOS – EE visited the center to interact and understand the facilities available in the center. The aim of the visit is to cater knowledge about the recent developments in robotics which can help the student to undergo a case study in their course “Introduction to Robotics”.
Dr.Khalifa, Head of the Center gave the introduction and the extended facilities of STC. Mr.Ahmed, the technical expert, explained the students about robotics and its application through practical demonstration. Later the students toured the Nano technology lab and the Interactive Machine learning Lab. Students gained a practical exposure and additional information on current technological developments.
Finally, Dr.Bensujin extended his thanks to Dr.Khalifa and Mr.Hamed , the officials of STC for providing such a good opportunity. He also thanked Dr.Saravanan, the Head of Engineering Department, NCT for allowing the students to participate in the industrial visit and Mr.Humaid Al Hinai for coordinating with STC officails to get the approval. He also thanked the Industrial Link Committee for extending their helping hands to arrange the program.