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Workshop on “Telecommunications for Electronics Engineering”

Jason     08-05-2019 08:24:56

Staff Development Unit of the Engineering Department in coordination with Human Resource Department organized a training program titled “Telecommunications for Electrical and Electronics Engineering” for the E&E Section on 11th October 2018.
Dr.Ravichandran.M, Member of Staff Development unit/Engineering, welcomed the E&E staff who attended the program. Mr.Jason, Technician/Engineering conducted the workshop
The workshop focused on study of attenuation and gain concept by exploring the functions of the Jupiter 2010 (2MHZ) function generator, measure parts of a wavelength using the 20MHZ Oscilloscope and compare the accuracy of measurement using Escort 3200 frequency counters. Also the workshop deals with the study of characteristics of various filters like Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Band Reject filters using our frequency generators and oscilloscopes. The workshop concludes with the training on AM signal through AM modulation and Demodulation techniques using GRG-450B RF generator and RC filter concept and Analog modulation trainer T10A/B to study the characteristics of an FM signal.
The training turned out to be a very useful exercise for all the E&E faculty