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Workshop on research paper writing for early researchers

Business Studies Department     30-04-2019 10:14:18

Department: Business Studies Department, Nizwa College of Technology
Date: Thursday 8th November, 2018 @10:30 am
Venue: B117
Resource person: Dr Srinivasan, Faculty of Business Studies, HCT
BSD Research and consultancy committee organized a workshop on research paper writing for early researchers, on Thursday, November 8, 2018. Dr Srinivasan Faculty, Business studies department, Higher college of Technology was invited as resource person for this workshop.
The objective of the workshop was to train the early researchers in writing research papers. A total of 28 BSD staff participated in the workshop.
The workshop focussed on how to write the various chapters of a journal article. Dr Srinivasan provided tips and techniques on how to choose and use various sources of Literature, methods of writing literature review, identifying research gaps and designing the structure of the research paper. He further explained how journal editors review articles and the possible reasons for rejections and acceptance of research papers. The workshop inspired the audience to write research papers. At the end of the session, audience interacted with the resource person and answered all their questions.