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Basic Math Workshop by GFP Team of NCT for Students.

Dr. Muhammed Basheer      30-04-2019 10:14:14

The GFP unit of NCT is conducted a workshop for the Basic Math students those who have got less marks in mid semester assessment. There was around 110 students were participated, and it was organized by the GFP coordinator, Dr. Muhammed Basheer on 15th of November,2018 in Adam Hall. The workshop was headed by Dr. Khalifa Al Shaqsi, HoS ( Math Section). The program was controlled by Basic Math Coordinator Mr. Naheed Mohammed. All Math staff attended the workshop.
It was arranged in three different sessions,
1) Introduction and counseling session:- In this session, counselor Mrs Zainab from Counseling department of NCT was motivated the students, She was given a rich motivation in Arabic followed by Math HOS Dr. Khalifa Al Shaqsi’s introduction session.
2) Motivation session by senior students of NCT Math Club: – It was organized by Math club coordinator Dr. Moazzam Arif. The NCT Math Club students given an excellent motivation to the Basic Math students about how to come out from weak areas of the Basic Math chapters.
3) Crash exam preparation session by subject expert: – During this session the total students were divided into different groups, such a way that each group includes ten students, headed and guided by subject lecturer. Several exam oriented problem was solved on the basis of students needs.
The workshop was conducted to give awareness to the students focused on the advancements of importance of Basic Math in GFP new mechanism as the students are not allowing to use the calculator in their Basic Math study. All CoTs are following a common system and common material prepared by different colleges.
The workshop was highly motive and gave an outlook about how to pass Basic Math exam. All staff members of the section were given the task of group tutoring, and this task was successfully concluded, only because of the effective contributions of all section staff members and HOS. The feedback also collected from the students on behalf of HOS.