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Public Speaking Competition- Grand Finale, 2018

Mr. Michael Kamalesh     30-04-2019 10:14:03

The English Language Center hosted the Grand Finale of the NCT-Inter Department Public Speaking Competition on the 26th of November,2018 in the Jibreen Hall. 
Mr.Sultan Al Dighaishi (HOC-ELC) in his welcome address,urged the importance of honing the Language skills for future employment. 
The Theme of the competition was 'Developing Employability skills so as to meet the Market needs'
The four finalist were 
1.Ms.Habiba Masoud Khamis Al-Handali(Engineering Department)
2.Mr.Loai Abdulla Hamood Al Subhi (Business Department) 
3.Ms.Malak Al Kindi (English Language Center) 
4.Ms.Hiba Hamed Al Hadrami (IT Department) 
The Judges were:
1) Mr.Aslam Wadiyar (QA Coordinator, ELC)
2) Ms.Naseeema Nazeer (Business Studies Dept))
3) Dr.Rajkumar Patro (Engineering Dept)
4) Dr.Sivakumar Shenbagaraman(IT-Dept)
The Coaches were: 
1) Mr.Salim Said Shamis Al Hashemi (HOS-English Programs,ELC) 
2) Mr.Mudasir Rahim Shagoo (Business Studies)
3) Dr.Preethy Rajesh (Engineering Dept) 
4) Ms.Sonia Victor Soans(IT-Department) 
The Coveted cup was lifted by Ms.Habiba Masoud Khamis Al-Handali for her phenomenal speech about her career,dreams & passion. 
Mr.Salah Al Fahedi - Chairman of the ELC-English club in his vote of thanks, thanked the coaches,judges,officials & the volunteers for their hard work & efforts to make this event a successful one. 
The honorable Dean of NCT,  Dr.Hafidh congratulated the winners and felicitated the winners,judges,coaches & the officials.