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Benchmarking Visit to Muscat College

Mr. Arun Kumar Kavuru     30-04-2019 10:12:27

Nizwa College of Technology as part of regular quality enhancing process and to fulfill the strategy 2.1.2 under strategic sub goal 2 and sub goal 2.1 initiated the benchmarking process with Muscat College on 12th December, 2018. Dr. Reshmy Krishnan, Associate Professor and Benchmarking Coordinator from Muscat College, coordinated the program. The Nizwa College of Technology Team who participated in this benchmarking process were Dr. Hafidh Taher Barham Baomar, – Dean of NCT; Dr. Rolando Lontok Jr., Head of ITD and Head of QAD; Ms. Alice Lontok, HOS IT; Mr. Salim Said Shamis Al Hashmi, HOS, – English Programs ELC; Dr. Renjith Kumar, Benchmarking Coordinator, BSD; Dr. Sivaramu T, Benchmarking Coordinator, ITD; Ms. Sangeetha TR, Research & Consultancy Committee Coordinator and Mr. Aruna Kumar Kavuru, Lecturer in IT, QAU Member.
The participating team from Muscat College comprised of Dr. Yasmin Al Bulushi – Dean, Dr. Mathew Philip – Assistant Dean Academic Affairs, Dr. Buthaina Al Gazali– Assistant Dean for Admin Dr. Sarachandran Nair – HOD Computing Department, Dr. Menila James, Assistant Professor (Director- QA), Dr. Reshmy Krishnan Associate Professor, Benchmarking Coordinator, Dr. Valeria Thomson Director-LC., and Mr. Ayman, Director, Marketing and public relations.
Both colleges introduced their programs, departments and other research activities to each other. Both Deans signed the MOU after initial discussion. The Dean of NCT wished both the teams and asked them to make this as a fruitful exercise so that both colleges may benefit. The Dean of Muscat College expressed her happiness and mentioned that the current benchmarking process will help both colleges to learn the best practices from each other. She has also requested to include Management in the scope of Benchmarking. Dr. Rolando, Head of QA explained his experiences with other colleges in benchmarking area and expressed where some activities are completed and some are still under completion process taking more time. He also expressed that the current process should be completed successfully as per the planned scope. He also invited the Muscat College Team members to visit NCT.
Later, both the teams arranged meetings separately, department-wise and committee-wise. It was decided that the contact point for NCT would be Dr. Rolando for all further communications and Dr. Reshmy for MC.