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E-learning talk on ‘Using MOODLE to co-ordinate Student Projects’

Dr.George Varghese     30-04-2019 10:12:24

E-learning group of the Engineering Department organized a session on “Using MOODLE to co-ordinate Student Projects” for the Engineering Project Co-ordinators and Faculty on 18th December 2018, at 12.30 PM. Dr. George Varghese, Engineering Co-ordinator for E-learning, welcomed the gathering of around 15 members who participated in the programme. Head of Department, Heads of Sections, Project Co-ordinators and interested department staff attended the programme. Dr. S.V.S. Mani, Lecturer, IT Department gave a talk regarding management, tracking and assessment of student project activities, via Moodle, and shared the best practices followed in the IT Department in this regard.
The session turned out to be very useful and informative for all those who attended the programme.